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2024 67th International Rally Press Release


Airstream Club International is booking its International Rallies further out than ever before, and just signed a contract with the Missouri State Fair for its 67th Annual International Rally in Sedalia, Missouri: it’s the first time an International Rally will be held in the fall.

JACKSON CENTER, Ohio – The Wally Byam Caravan Club dba Airstream Club International is charting new territory with an announcement of its International Rally scheduled for the fall of 2024. Day one of the week-long rally packed with entertainment, seminars and all things suited to the Airstream lifestyle will be Saturday, October 5, 2024. This will be the first time in the club’s 66 years of holding International Rallies throughout the United States and Canada that its largest annual gathering be held in the fall. It will be the club’s second time for the rally being held in Sedalia, Missouri at the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

“Our members passed a vote to expand the timeframe when we could hold the International Rally,” said International President, Eric McHenry. Historically, the club’s bi- laws allowed for summer rallies only, prompted by a celebration in honor of Wally Byam, the originator of the Airstream, who was born on July 4. “We will continue to honor our heritage. Wally left us the most amazing way to go see the world with the comforts of home,” said McHenry, “…and it’s exciting in 2024, we’re going to travel through the Midwest when the fall colors are starting to peak and the daytime temperatures won’t get so hot as they do oftentimes during our summer rallies.”

According to club member rally parking coordinator, Larry Owens, the 2024 International Rally site will offer more than 1400 camping sites with full hook-up. “It’s going to be pretty spectacular,” said Owens. ”There’s all kinds of parking available near the buildings too, so if you want to drive up on a golf cart or in your tow vehicle or your van, you can.”

The city of Sedalia has a population just over 21,000 and will offer attendees of the 67th Annual Rally loads of amenities within a very close proximity to the fairgrounds. “One of the best parts of the Missouri State Fairgrounds is the beautiful buildings – it’s a very old fairgrounds – and very well maintained. It’s a wonderful place to take a stroll, read the dates on the buildings recalling back to the 1900s and appreciate where your Airstream has gotten you,” said Debbie Wood, a club member who helps with logistics of planning the rally. Many travelers recognize the area for its convenience as a stop along the Katy Trail, an impressive 225 mile state park rail-to-trail that attracts cyclists, walkers, equestrians, nature lovers and history buffs seeking to foot same path that follows Lewis and Clark’s pioneering days along the Missouri River.

Airstreamers set out for a very real modern-day expedition when they travel to an International Rally. Rally attendees infuse an estimated minimum $1 million into the local economy as they explore, shop, dine and experience the area and community where International Rally is held.

Airstream Club International (ACI) is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Jackson Center, Ohio. The club originated when Wally Byam, the inventor of the Airstream, first led a group of travel trailers from Texas to Nicaragua in 1951, followed by subsequent caravans that encouraged people to get out and use their travel trailers.

In doing so, Wally inspired travel enthusiasts to see and enjoy the world, encouraging cross-cultural encounters, all the while using these environments to test the travel trailers he manufactured. On a caravan to Eastern Canada in 1955, the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) was formed.

The club was later renamed the Wally Byam Airstream Club and is currently doing business as Airstream Club International (ACI). Today, ACI holds hundreds of local club and region rallies as well as dozens of local, region and national caravans to provide club members with many opportunities to carry on the tradition of discovering fun, philanthropy, camaraderie and adventure together while travelling in their Airstreams. The ACI Annual Rally is the club’s largest annual gathering. To learn more, visit www.airstreamclub.org and follow ACI on social media @airstreamclub.

Airstream Club International Corporate Manager, Lori Plummer, sits down with Missouri State Fair Off- Season Events Manager, Steven Sims, to sign the contract for the 2024 International Rally.

Airstream Club International Corporate Manager, Lori Plummer – Missouri State Fair Off-Season Events Manager, Steven Sims

ACI member, Debbie Wood, overlooks the space where Airstreamers will gather for Opening Ceremonies and keynote speakers at the Missouri State Fair in 2024

Towable Airstreams, like the one pictured, in addition to vans and motorcoaches are all welcome at the Airstream Club International Rally.

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Airstream Club International

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