Sep 29, 2023 | Club News

A Time for Renewal

For many of the Club members, it is time for our Club renewal – Jan. 1. I thought about how my own Club renewal lines up with Jan. 1 and making New Year’s resolutions. It truly is a time not only to renew our membership anticipating the upcoming year but to reflect on the prior year that has passed. Our triumphs and our challenges and how these experiences have helped us along my journey as an Airstream owner and club member.

Ralph Volk and Barb Derian

It’s time to move on and give myself a new beginning, a chance to grow in areas where I may not have focused in the past. The new year lays open the opportunity for growth and new experiences.

This past year again found us exploring our great county – but this time with a caravan. I wasn’t sure we were “caravan” people, but I can quickly and confidently say, “Yes, we are caravan people.” The sense of community comes alive on a caravan – not only exploring new places but making new friendships. The camaraderie that we experience as we travel together solidifies one of the many reasons we joined the Airstream International Club. So as we move into our renewal period, we are on the lists for three more caravans.

“Stella” in Prince Edward Island

This past year saw changes in our club – at the local, regional and international levels. Our local club is growing in a way that excites me for what the upcoming years will bring. I know that many local and Intra-Clubs are experiencing incredible growth. Our home club 2024 rally schedule planned by the incoming president has prompted us to “stay close to home” for our short summer camping season for the first time in a few years – giving ourselves the time to experience the Club at a more local level. With this renewal, we find ourselves members of five local clubs and three Intra-Clubs – what a change from our first few years – we’ve come to understand how to maximize the community to which we belong.

And, of course, the invitation and honor to serve as your International Membership Chair is a testimony for my own personal growth. Reflecting on the past few years that we have been Airstreamers and club members, I’ve come to understand that “just do it” is more than the Nike slogan; it is how I give myself new beginnings and new opportunities to explore.

I leave you with this thought: as you renew your membership or for those that renew during the upcoming year … what does renewal mean to you?

“Stella” on her way to Alaska

<h4><a href="" target="_self">Barb Derian</a></h4>

Barb Derian

Barb is a relatively new Airstreamer – having bought her Classic, Stella, in 2017 just as she retired. Barb spent my working years in the corporate environment, fixing departments that had gotten off track, implementing new technologies and processes to deal with the changing environments. I love being involved and working as a team.

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