Aug 20, 2023 | Club News

ACI Visit to Airstream Dealer Meeting

One key initiative of our Club Strategic Plan developed in our Strategy Session last year was to tighten the relationship between our Club and the Airstream dealers. Many of the dealers already know about our Club and the benefit we provide to their customers. Still, unfortunately, many do not know about us, or do not know about the vitality we exhibit these days and how our demographics and initiatives now closely match what they see in their customers.

Interesting reading: The KOA North American Camping & Outdoor Hospitality Report is a great resource to see the trends in camping. These trends and demographics are intertwined with our current Club and future members as they add Airstreams to their camping experience. Learn about the direction of camping in North America — it’ll drive our future.

To help launch the new Airstream Explorer Membership Program, we were invited to attend the Worldwide Dealer Meeting in Columbus, Ohio in August. Lori Plummer, our Corporate Manager, and I presented and discussed our Club (and membership benefits) to the entire Airstream senior dealer leadership (owners, general managers, etc.). Lots of great connections and energy from the dealers to partner with us to put on newbie rallies, maintenance rallies, and more engagement with our Regions and Local Clubs. More to come through your Region Presidents, but it’s pretty exciting. This is great progress and continues to open the door to shared benefits with Airstream, Inc.

How we Describe our Club Benefits


Justin Humphreys (Airstream VP of Sales), Eric McHenry, Lori Plummer and Bob Wheeler (CEO, Airstream, Inc)

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Eric McHenry

International President Eric McHenry (BRN #153) and wife LaVerne (BRN #253) are owners of a 30' FB Classic, "Kawika" and reside in Northern California wine country. Both are avid and long-term campers, from the early days of backpacking, tent camping, kayak camping, and now Airstreams.

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