Nov 22, 2023 | Club News

Get to Know the New Publications Standing Committee Chair: Margaret Saylor

Walt and Margaret Saylor

Hello Fellow Members,

Airstreamers are the best people. We discovered this quickly; the couple we bought our Flying Cloud from were enthusiastic and willing to share their knowledge. Within no time, my husband, Walt, and I joined our local club, Central Pennsylvania in Region 2, and I offered to take over the newsletter duties when longtime editor Joan Bucher retired.

I’m a big believer in giving back by utilizing your strongest skills, and my experience as an editor and designer of a journal called “The Botanical Artist” helped.

I took “The Silver Penny” newsletter and transformed it into a contemporary, well-designed publication that celebrates our club, members, travel, technical advice, product recommendations, stories, milestones, rally information, and a historical aspect featuring — you guessed it, Airstreams.

Then I heard Hedda Smithson is retiring! What? The lovely woman who answers every newsletter submission with a personal note? It can’t be! But it is true. And now, after some great conversations with President Eric McHenry, I am your new Publications Standing Committee Chair.

Airstream at home in the driveway

My goals are simple: I want to help everyone at the club and regional level communicate their messages and news to their membership in a graphically pleasing, concise, and easily understood way. That is the very nature of good design. Together with Eric, I’ll be working closely with Hedda to transition responsibilities, with Barb Derian, International Membership Chair; Lori Plummer, Corporate Manager; and Corey Maxwell, Blue Beret Editor. We want to help our clubs succeed and are working to simplify and unify the communication process.

In our spare time, I work as the designer/editor of the aforementioned botanical art journal. I teach botanical art both online and in person and I am a working studio artist, painting in watercolor and egg tempera, specializing in fungi and mushrooms.

Helpers Fritz and Marta

Flying Cloud in Hilton Head National RV Park, spring 2023

Walt is the creative director for the world’s largest pest control company. We have raised two sons who are both out of college and making their way in the world; Andrew as a biomedical engineer and Matt as a senior analyst for a medical communications agency.

We have two German Shorthaired Pointers; we love old house restoration, cooking, reading (me), and working on his 1957 Thunderbird (Walt). And, of course, Airstreams.

<h4><a href="" target="_self">Margaret Saylor</a></h4>

Margaret Saylor

Publications Standing Committee Chair Margaret Saylor and her husband Walt (BRN 5320) are owners of a 25’ FB Flying Cloud. They reside in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and have been busy exploring north and south, but have yet to travel west. Their Airstream provides a way to connect with and observe the natural world: Margaret for her plant and fungi paintings, Walt for biking and dog wrangling.

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