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President’s Corner – November 2023

Fellow Members,

LaVerne and I are “relaxing” in Northern California as we prepare to join the Region 12 Rally in Pismo Beach.  Actually, I’m relaxing, and LaVerne is working on the planning committee (!!). By the time this goes to print, the Region 12 rally will have finished, with an expected 150 Airstreams from across California, Nevada, and beyond. 

As we enjoy the fall colors and smell of the wine grape harvest here in wine country, we found our first “National Humane Alliance fountain” – we expect this “treasure hunt” to be part of the Airstream travel contests to Sedalia for Rally2024 next fall, so getting a head-start: 

 The National Humane Alliance fountains are a series of granite drinking fountains distributed by the National Humane Alliance, intended to provide fresh drinking water for horses, dogs, cats, and people. About 125 fountains were donated to cities throughout the United States and Mexico between 1902 and 1915. Most fountains have been removed from their original sites, usually in the center of busy intersections, but at least 70 are still publicly viewable.  

Did You Know? 

Airstream Club International members receive 50% discount on any NEW Harvest Hosts Classic Plan membership! This offer is for new Harvest Hosts memberships only.  Visit our Members-Only-Section (login required) to learn more about this, and other exclusive benefits.

Harvest Host stay at 43 Ranch Olive Oil (central coast CA)

Harvest Host stay at Ranch 43 (central coast CA)

Meet the Owner: Cindy at 43 Ranch Olive Oil (central coast CA) Harvest Host


New Club Publications Schedule 

This Blue Beret Magazine is the second in our new quarterly printed Blue Beret Magazine schedule.  If you missed the articles about our new communications, you can find out more in the “Club Communications Material Changes” on our Blue Beret Blog ( 

  • Blue Beret Magazine: Quarterly in August, November, February, and May. 
  • Blue Beret Bulletin: Monthly, excluding Blue Beret Magazine months. 
  • Blue Beret Blog: New posts every week or two, with more than 60 interesting articles from our members and headquarters. 
  • Membership Campfire Chats: quarterly 

Airstream Explorer Program 

We are in our third month of the Airstream Explorer membership program, in partnership with Airstream Inc.  Essentially, this new program is designed to help introduce our Club to purchasers of new Airstreams, offering them a free one-year membership in our Club (thank you, Airstream Inc!).  Their welcome to our Club is being coordinated at the Region level, working with our Membership Standing Committee.  As always, please take a few minutes to welcome any new attendees to our events – it makes a huge difference. 

Youth and Family in our Club 

One of the misconceptions is that our community is focused on older, often-retired Airstream members.  This historically has never been the case and is not today.  Look in this edition of the Blue Beret Magazine for a great story from Tammy Price (BRN #24795), president of the Central Indiana Airstream Club (CIAC), on her travels with her husband Tom and family.  LaVerne and I have had the opportunity to spend time with them both at a CIAC rally and at Rally2023 in Rock Springs, WY, and enjoyed the experience and her leadership. 

New Partnership between Harvest Hosts and ACI for Courtesy Parking 

Our Club “Courtesy Parking” is one of the least known and most undervalued benefits (and experience), where more than 800 of our members offer complimentary overnight parking exclusively for fellow members.  LaVerne and I have enjoyed numerous stays with members as we’ve traveled the country. Still, we know the website experience that we offer on our website needs improvement, both for the hosts and members looking to find a location. 

In our International Board of Trustees strategy meeting last year, improving our Courtesy Parking booking experience was a top goal.  I’m pleased to announce that an agreement between Harvest Hosts and our Club has just been signed to make that happen.  Look for more details soon!  We expect to launch the new service (free to all Club members) in the spring or summer of 2024. 

Top Priorities and Initiatives for 2023/2026

Our International Board of Trustees adopted the following five strategic priorities last year during our three-day strategic planning meeting. As the years roll forward, you’ll continue to see the focus of our International Board of Trustees, our Headquarters office and our investments aligned with these priorities. I’ll keep sharing these and we hope these will trickle down beyond the Regions and into our Local Clubs.

  • Internal Communications
  • External Communications
  • Welcome and Retain Members
  • Infrastructure
  • Training at all Levels

Upcoming International Rallies


That’s it for now!

Looking forward to seeing you all down the road, and let me know if you have ideas for our Club.

Eric McHenry

International President / BRN 153 // Amateur Radio callsign AA6EM

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Eric McHenry

International President Eric McHenry (BRN #153) and wife LaVerne (BRN #253) are owners of a 30' FB Classic, "Kawika" and reside in Northern California wine country. Both are avid and long-term campers, from the early days of backpacking, tent camping, kayak camping, and now Airstreams.

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