Feb 29, 2024 | Rally/Events

Volunteer for Band or Chorus at the International Rally

By Greg Heuer, BRN 1927
Executive Secretary, Airstream International Band

Gee, people, we KNOW you are out there. Join the Sedalia Airstream Volunteer Band and/or Chorus.

For a century, bands all across the land have had hundreds of thousands of clarinet players trained in the gentle art of blowing across a reed and making the band sound great! Clarinets are the violins of the band. We need a solid DOZEN of them in our Airstream Wind Ensemble to get the great sound we all desire.

Sure, every year we hear the same old song, “Oh, gee I haven’t played in 20, 30, 40, 50 years …” That is NO excuse. It only takes a couple of weeks practicing off and on to get back in shape to play for the Airstream Band. On top of that, we will send you all the music we are going to play well in advance of the first rehearsal. We even connect you to recordings of the pieces so you can hear how they sound and where YOUR part fits into the overall composition.

Submit your band interest form from the link here and do some personal recruiting. Get your friends to join up.

Contact Heuer via email at gheuer@umich.edu.

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Airstream Club International

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