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Airstream Anywhere: Power Your Airstream Off Grid Without a Gas Generator

How to power your Airstream off grid? This is the biggest question Airstream owners ask to fully enjoy the freedom of their Airstream, anywhere.  

Unlock the Freedom of Off-Grid Camping: Powering Your Airstream Adventure

Embarking on an off-grid adventure in your Airstream can be the ultimate expression of freedom and exploration. However, this dream often comes to a halt when faced with the reality of power constraints. Did you know that standard RV batteries may only last 1 or 2 nights before depleting? Or that over 75% of campers experience significant inconvenience due to lack of power while off-grid? Interestingly, your tow vehicle can produce ten times the power of an average 100-watt solar panel, opening a realm of possibilities for sustaining your adventure. Airstream enthusiasts, in particular, seek out the most efficient and eco-friendly ways to power their sleek silver homes-on-wheels. Here are some of the most effective solutions to keep your Airstream lit and cozy, even in the most remote locales:

Conventional and New Power Solutions

  1. The Classic Gas Generator 

Traditionally, a gas generator has been the go-to for many, offering the promise of powering everything in your trailer. Yet, it comes with drawbacks such as noise, odor, and the hassle of maintenance. It’s time to explore new horizons and say goodbye to these old constraints.

  1. Solar and Wind Power: The Eco-Friendly Choice

Embracing solar power, possibly supplemented by wind, offers a silent and clean solution, especially when combined with lithium batteries for storage. The downside? It’s dependent on weather conditions and daylight.

  1. Solar Battery Generators: Portable Power

Brands like Jackery and GoalZero have introduced solar battery generators, marrying portability with ease of use. These units require no installation and can be directly plugged into your RV. However, their limited capacity and the need for substantial solar panels for recharging can be limiting.

  1. DC-DC Chargers: Efficiency on the Go

For those on the move, DC-DC chargers offer a solution by utilizing the vehicle’s alternator to recharge RV batteries efficiently. This method is highly efficient but requires a comprehensive installation and significant cabling installation.

  1. CarGenerator: A Game Changer

Enter CarGenerator – a revolutionary way to harness your vehicle’s power to supply your Airstream with AC power. It’s as simple as starting your vehicle and connecting the device and your Airstream. Weighing just 11 pounds, it offers a maintenance-free, clean, and quiet power solution. Although not ideal for constant high power needs like camping in Florida in July, it’s a versatile and eco-friendly option for most camping scenarios.

The Hybrid Power Converter: A True Game Changer

Hybrid power converters have revolutionized off-grid camping by allowing campers to adjust the power input based on available resources. Whether you’re “mooch docking” or camping with limited power, these converters enable efficient energy use with smaller generators or even a CarGenerator.

CarGenerator and Victron Energy: A Perfect Match

The integration of CarGenerator with Victron Energy systems, including Power Assist and Bluetooth connectivity through the Victron app, provides an unparalleled off-grid power solution. This setup not only backs up solar power but also powers the newest CarGenerator and Airstream models, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Exploring off-grid doesn’t mean compromising on comfort or connectivity. With advancements in portable and vehicle-integrated power solutions, the dream of seamless, eco-friendly camping is now a reality. Through live webinars and interactive sessions, experts like Mike Sokol dive deep into these technologies, offering insights into making the most of your Airstream’s off-grid capabilities.  Embrace the freedom of the open road without the worry of running out of power. Whether through the silent serenity of solar, the efficiency of DC-DC charging, or the innovative simplicity of CarGenerator, your off-grid adventures await with limitless potential.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, view the webinar recordings below to learn more about Airstreaming Off Grid:

CarGenerator helped deliver two of the Airstream Club’s most popular member webinars — live and interactive with 200+ club members attending — featuring Mike Sokol answering all your questions about off-grid power and your Airstream.  

Topics covered: Lithium batteries, DC DC chargers, Solar power, DC fridges, new Hybrid power converters, and CarGenerator powering your Airstream using your tow vehicle.

Both sessions, Part 1 and part 2 are available for viewing at the links below:



(L-R): Mike Sokol and Jonathan Schloo, BRN 1342

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