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An Interview with Ted Davis, Platform General Manager, Airstream Adventures NW

When I was at International in Rock Springs this summer, I was installed as Region 10 President. I thought I ‘d better start spending a little more time perusing Facebook, a pastime I had never previously embraced. I thought I should get to know what folks were saying about Airstreams, the club, the life. There were lots of great comments and stories about what was extraordinary and joyful, but I was troubled by the acrid taste left in so many owners mouths from their experiences with their Airstream exclusive dealerships.

Well then, look who happened to walk by while I was at a seminar on Starlink Deep Dive (thank you Eric)… Ted Davis the founding owner (just sold last year) of seven dealerships in my Region. I felt suddenly so sure he would say yes if I asked him if I could interview him on camera to talk about the many facets of his Airstream empire. And only two a half months later, here we are watching the interview!

I went back and forth with myself as I was writing the questions I would be asking Ted. My goal was to share with my membership what it is like in the board room, the service bays, the lobby, or the sales floor and why the culture at Airstream Adventures Northwest has worked so well. And why sometimes, it didn’t. I was hoping to find a way to bring up some of the uncomfortable issues I had been reading about in those Facebook posts.

Sitting across from Ted and looking at him in the eyes as I pried into his business, I felt a sense of safety and mutual respect. He was not the enemy. He was honest and forthcoming. One thing he said really made an impression on me: “when the tide rises, all the boats float”. When things go right at a dealership in one state and people share that with others, it makes us more confident as consumers in another state that we have chosen the right brand. Hopefully all dealers of our beautiful trailers (and other classes) will take note. We are part of a very unique club with a matchless product. I hope you find this interview informative and refreshing. Happy travels!


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Florence Tramoni

Florence currently is the Region 10 President, and brings a professional background as a business owner to the Club. You'll often find Florence with her golf clubs and loyal Jack Russell terrier, Luna, accompanying her on her adventures.

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