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Discovering the Road Less Traveled with Harvest Hosts: An Introductory Guide

RV travel allows you the freedom to travel anywhere you want on (almost) any path you choose. Why visit the same spots as everyone else? That’s what Harvest Hosts is all about – helping you find unique places to stay while on the road that offer one-of-a-kind adventures and experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or planning your first trip, Harvest Hosts offers an innovative way to explore the beauty and diversity of the continent, all from the cozy confines of your home on wheels.

What is Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts is a membership that gives RVers unlimited overnight stays at 5,000+ unique locations, with no camping fees. Think beyond the standard RV parks and campgrounds; we’re talking vineyards, farms, breweries, museums, and more. With over 5,000 locations across the United States and Canada, Harvest Hosts makes every stop a memorable part of your journey.

What is Boondockers Welcome?

Boondockers Welcome is an add-on product to your Harvest Hosts membership that gives you even more Host location options. Boondockers Welcome connects RV travelers with hosts who are willing to offer their private property as a place to stay. This functions quite similarly to the Courtesy Parking program, but membership is not exclusive to any one RV brand. By adding Boondockers Welcome to your Harvest membership, you’ll get access to an additional 3,500+ private property hosts.

Why Join Harvest Hosts?

Unique Experiences: Each Harvest Hosts location offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Imagine waking up amidst the lush vines of a private vineyard, enjoying a farm tour where you learn about sustainable agriculture, or sipping a craft beer under the stars at a local brewery. These experiences provide a deeper connection to the places you visit, making your travels even more enriching.

Support Local Businesses: At its heart, Harvest Hosts is about supporting local economies. By staying at these unique locations, you have the opportunity to purchase local products, from wine and cheese to fresh produce and handcrafted goods. This not only enhances your travel experience but also contributes to the sustainability of small businesses.

Community and Connection: Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome foster a sense of community among RVers and hosts alike. It’s not uncommon to share stories around a campfire, learn from the hosts about their passion, and meet fellow travelers with similar interests. These interactions add a rich social dimension to your travels.

How Does It Work?

Becoming a part of the Harvest Hosts community is simple:

Sign Up for a Membership: To access the network of hosts, you’ll need to sign up for a membership on the Harvest Hosts website. The annual fee grants you unlimited access to the directory of locations.

Plan Your Stay: Use the Harvest Hosts app or website to browse through the available locations. You can filter your search based on interests, amenities, and vehicle requirements to find the perfect spot for your next adventure.

Request a Stay: Once you’ve chosen a location, you’ll request your stay through the online calendar on the Host’s profile. You’ll get an email confirmation when your Host approves the stay.

Enjoy Your Visit: After arriving, enjoy the unique experience each Host provides. Remember, part of the Harvest Hosts philosophy is to support your hosts through purchases or donations.

Who Can Join?

Harvest Hosts is open to all self-contained RVers. This means your vehicle should have its own toilet, water tank, and indoor cooking facilities. This includes a wide range of RV sizes, making it accessible for everyone from van lifers to those with larger motorhomes.

Harvest Hosts and Airstream Club Courtesy Parking

In case you missed it, Harvest Hosts and ACI recently announced that this August, Harvest Hosts will be rebuilding the Courtesy Parking platform, giving Airstream Club members more robust functionality when searching for ACI Courtesy Parking locations, including detailed host profiles, contactless booking, photos, reviews, route planning tools and more. If an Airstream Club Member is also a member of Harvest Hosts, they will get their Harvest Hosts locations and Courtesy Parking locations all together on one map using one convenient log-in. Best of all, ACI Members get an amazing discount on their first year of Harvest Hosts through their membership benefits!

Begin Your Adventure

Whether you’re looking to enrich your travels with unique experiences, support local economies, or simply find a peaceful spot to rest, Harvest Hosts offers a refreshing alternative to conventional RVing. It’s more than just a place to stay; it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories, meet new friends, and discover the hidden gems of North America. So why wait? Join Harvest Hosts and explore the road less traveled.

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