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Meeting Invitation Extended to Club Parliamentarians

In any organization, especially one as dynamic and passionate as the WBCCI, ensuring smooth and efficient meetings is paramount. We understand the importance of adhering to rules and procedures while also fostering an environment where we hear and respect every member’s voice.

The Indispensable Role of Parliamentarians

Parliamentarians bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in parliamentary procedure, ensuring that meetings adhere to established rules, regulations, and bylaws. By having a parliamentarian present, we can navigate complex issues, resolve disputes, and make informed decisions with confidence. Parliamentary guidance not only promotes fairness and transparency but also fosters a culture of respect and collaboration among members.

Maximizing Meeting Productivity

Furthermore, using a parliamentarian helps us maximize the productivity of our meetings. By employing Roberts Rules of Order to manage agendas, facilitate discussions, and maintain order, we can make the most of our time together and achieve our objectives efficiently. By adhering to established protocols, we can avoid unnecessary delays, confusion, and misunderstandings, allowing us to focus on the issues at hand and make meaningful progress as an organization.

Personal Experience

My personal interest in Parliamentary Procedure began in 1981 when I was the youngest elected member of the Communications Workers of America, Local 7800, Executive Board. Learning by crash course of “on-the-job” training helped me to navigate board meetings effectively and with the process, rather than emotion, with leaders who likely had little time for the “young girl,” but couldn’t ignore me because I knew how to engage appropriately. From that experience I moved into a career of lobbying the Washington State Legislature for various clients, the longest being the Washington State Chiropractic Association.

Recognizing Parliamentarians’ Contribution

As we strive to uphold the values of integrity, inclusivity, and excellence within the Airstream Club, we recognize the vital role that parliamentarians play in supporting our mission and goals.

Invitation to Airstream Club Parliamentarians

I am excited to extend a warm invitation to all Airstream Club Parliamentarians at the Local club and Region level for a discussion allowing for questions, training your future replacements, and creating a support structure for each other as we navigate challenging issues. I am proposing a meeting via Zoom at a future date after receiving responses from our Parliamentarians throughout our club. As advocates for effective governance and streamlined procedures within our organization, your presence and expertise are invaluable.

We look forward to welcoming all Airstream Club Parliamentarians to our upcoming meeting and harnessing your expertise to ensure that our discussions are meaningful, our decisions are informed, and our organization continues to thrive. Your dedication to promoting effective governance and facilitating productive meetings is deeply appreciated, and we are grateful for your continued commitment to our organization.

Grassi can be reached via email at LGrassi@AirstreamClub.org

<h4><a href="https://blog.airstreamclub.org/author/lorigrassi/" target="_self">Lori Grassi</a></h4>

Lori Grassi

Lori Grassi and her husband, Bryan, bought their first Airstream and joined the Club in 2021. They are members of the Washington Airstream Club and affiliate members of the Oregon Airstream Club. Lori currently works full time as an Executive of Legislation and Policy for the Washington State Chiropractic Association, with her primary work as a lobbyist, and currently serves as the WBCCI International Parliamentarian.

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